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Bethany Jo

Valentine's Day Cumswallow

I'm laying on my bed, wearing my heart covered nightie and panties. I pull my panties to the side as I'm rubbing my swollen pink pussy and squeezing my fat luscious tits, pinching and sucking on my hard thick nipples. You're standing at the end of the bed stroking your thick fat cock as you watch me pleasure myself. I tell you stroke that dick as I show you my tongue and lick my lips as I know you're going to feed me a fat sticky load of hot sticky yummy spunk!!! :)~ As you get closer to me I pull and tug on my rock hard nipples... I tell you to keep stroking. I tell you I'm going to cum just thinking about eating your nut... you squeeze out a big glob of precum onto your finger and bring it my outstretched tongue and I wrap my lips around it licking and sucking your finger clean... I want more!!! I slide of the bed onto my knees and take you into my wet sucking mouth. After sucking you, I spit onto my hand and work your fat rigid cock just out of reach from my outstretched tongue, teasing you. You reach out and manhandle my fat heavy swinging tits as I begin to rub my soaked pussy. I wrap my lips around your throbbing cock and work you into my mouth and suck you so hard... my head bobbing back and forth. I tilt my head back, stick out my tongue and tell you softly that I want your cum... I want your cum. You unload 12 steaming hot forceful blasts of thick yummy spunk against the back of my throat, onto my tongue, and against my teeth. I scoop your remaining spunk from my chin into my mouth and show you the big mouthful of tasty cum, completely covering my tongue, you have given me before swallowing it down. I lick and suck my fingers again, to be sure I've gotten every last drop of yummy sperm into my mouth. I smile and blow you a kiss. The End. Happy Valentine's Day, from Southern-Charms hungriest cum dumpster :)~ XOXO Bethany Jo

7min - 340.6 meg - 854x480

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