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Tied Up, Ruined Handjob - Ends With Tickling.

A Foolish man allowed his wrists to be bound by two girlfriend, when he was hoping for a handjob or blow job, to get jerked off, and to squirt his cum in their mouths. Danielle and Summer are just sluts enough to jerk him off, and they so get his cock nice and hard, and long -- his cock standing straight up, like a flagpole. They stroke and rub ... and get him very close to cumming ... and, he has his chance ! But, then the girls say they are bored, and stop stroking his cock, and start to tickle the bound and helpless fool. All he can do it protest, struggle, and dream about the fountain of cum he was about to squirt - but he never will. Meanwhile, Danielle and Summer walk away, mocking him, and leave him dreaming, still tied up, with a ruined orgasm.

9min - 389.0 meg - 854x480

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