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Shy School Teacher gets Sex Slut Lessons

A Shy School teacher at a girls finishing school gets a sex lesson and seduction from her sexy colleague, fashion teacher, Tatiana. This video depicts all of how Danielle, as a shy and hardworking teacher who gets stripped and turned into a slut by her sexy friend who has just slept her way to a choice promotion Although schoolteacher Danielle has some inner sexual desires - she has pushed them down deep while trying to be a good girl - and has just worked hard. Danielle nervously goes to see her fellow teacher Tatiana and seeks advice, trying to hide her contempt for the slut. Tatiana, however, sees right through Danielle, and just laughs - she is not embarrassed one bit. She knows that Danielle has a hot little body but just works away, being too timid to use her sex to get ahead - and so she agrees to show Danielle what she needs to know, to get what she wants -- and begins to strip Danielle, who first tries to cover herself -too shy to give in to what she wants. However, Danielle is naturally submissive so she quickly surrenders her body and lets her pussy be pleasured by Tatiana who takes great joy in "turning her out" and showing Danielle how to use her hot little teacher's body. Tatiana uses a giant vibrator to force orgasms from Danielle. Then, Tatiana strips and forces Danielle down to lick her shaved pussy until Tatiana has come with pleasure. Danielle is then sent away naked, as the now very needy slut, she has also proved to be. Many screaming orgasms are a high-light of the video. Enjoy !

20min - 439.0 meg - 854x480

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