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Mistress Sue

Nagging Housewife

In this 7 min. clip...Mistress Sue will give you the feeling that you have someone in your life to make you do the chores... I invite you into my life by being your nagging wife or girlfriend. All you have to do is email me so I can get to know you.... you will tell me how your life is, and I will tell you how it's supposed to be... I will control you like a wife controls her husband. This will give your life purpose, it will help take away your feelings of loneliness.... I can make you happy like a good hubby should be...... You know happy wife happy life!! Watch this clip and see what I have to offer... I know what men need, I know what sissies need, I know what losers need..... You will learn to love the domination of a nagging wife .... I truly love being the Dominate one in our relationship.... Now darling you know it's the right answer to your boring life... Soon our connection will be made and your life will change for the better.... This clip tells you what I offer and the end of the clip I raise my robe and order you to enjoy what my pussy has to offer... I encourage you to give it a try, what have you got to loose?

7min - 673.0 meg - 1920x1080

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