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Bobbie Bardo

How I Paid For My Shoes

Seeing new shoes makes me as hot and ready to fuck as seeing a big hard dick. Want to see how I paid for my last shopping spree? I'm such a shoe whore, so when the salesman offered to make a house call I got ready. When I saw what he brought I got so hot I had to take my leather skirt off, then my sweater and finally my bustier. He didn't mind after he saw my very big tits. He loved squeezing and rubbing my nipples. He put the first pair on my feet, stroking my leg while he admired my sexy cuban style pantyhose. I wanted every pair but knew I couldn't afford all of them , so I negotiated with him. I said how about a good long blow job to take care of half and he said a foot job with my pantyhose on would cover the rest. I couldn't wait to get his big cock in my mouth. I let my tongue go wild on the head of his big dick. I could feel him getting harder. His moaning was making me hot and wet. I rubbed my pussy while I sucked him. I was trying not to cum, but then he flipped me on my back so I could get his throbing cock between my feet. I could really get my fingers deep into my wet swollen pussy and rub my tits at the same time. My toes and feet grabbed his dick , going up and down on him. I plunged my fingers as deep into my hot pussy as they would go. He started moaning and said he was going to cum. He exploded all over my feet and toes while I came as hard with my fingers as I would with a dick in me. I rubbed his hot cum into my hose and between my toes. Next he made me lick his dripping cum off. I sucked his wet slick dick until there was nothing left to swallow. Now he wants to sell me boots. For anal?

13min - 134.7 meg - 720x480

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