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BTS with Fullback Cotton Panties
1920x1080 - 3min - 162.9 MB - $5.99

Another behind the scenes video of a photo shoot, this time with me wearing some fullback cotton brief style panties. Watch as I model them before stripping out of them for your enjoyment. Runtime 3:01

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BTS... A Tie and Dress Shirt...
1920x1080 - 4min - 124.7 MB - $7.99

I was feeling a little bit playful and had tried on one of East Coast Stallion's dress shirts and ties. I thought it would be cute for a photo shoot and this is the video of that shoot. Runtime 4:09

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BTS of a Photoshoot
1920x1080 - 3min - 246.6 MB - $6.99

This video is a behind the scenes video of one of my recent photo shoots. Come and watch as I strip while having photos taken for you enjoyment. Runtime 3:50

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BTS... Halloween Panty Shoot
1920x1080 - 4min - 144.6 MB - $9.49

Here's a behind the scenes video of a Halloween panty shoot. Halloween might be a month away but I went ahead and had some photos done to try and be ready when the time comes. Runtime 4:52

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BTS... Photo Shoot Goofiness
1920x1080 - 4min - 163.3 MB - $7.99

You just never know what you may see or here during a photo shoot. Some shoots are mild and go quickly where other shoots can be wild and take longer, you just never know... Runtime 3:55

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BTS... Silliness During A Photo Shoot
1920x1080 - 4min - 171.5 MB - $8.99

A behind the scenes of a photo shoot video where I act a little silly. East Coast Stallion even gets into it a tiny bit when he decides to keep throwing my panties back at me. That's ok, because in the end, I back my ass up to his face as he is kneeling. Runtime 4:25

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Alone... Again...
1920x1080 - 14min - 434.1 MB - $27.99

I was left all alone...again... left to my own devices... Needless to say, I decided to try out another one of my new toys, I wanted to see how well it could get me off... Want to watch as I play with my pussy with it, running it at high speed over my clit? Runtime 14:09

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A Taste And A Tease POV
1920x1080 - 3min - 389.8 MB - $6.00

I was running short on time but I just had to give you a taste of what's to come later while teasing you in the process. Did you enjoy what you received so far?... Runtime 3:13

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Warming Up
1920x1080 - 5min - 306.8 MB - $9.99

I was enjoying the outdoors this morning while the temperature wasn't quite as high as it would get as the day goes on... needless to say, it got hot real quick as I played with my tits, nipples, and pussy. Runtime 4:57.

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A Little About Me
1920x1080 - 7min - 584.4 MB - $13.49

I've had some fans ask me to tell them a little about myself, so... here goes... In this video. I tell you a variety of miscellaneous things about me while playing with my tits, as well as my pussy a little near the end of the video. If you are good, maybe, I'll tell you some more in the near future. Runtime 6:57

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Ass Jiggling
1920x1080 - 3min - 189 MB - $6.99

Just me jiggling my ass for your enjoyment! Runtime3:24

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You Asked... So Deal With It!
1920x1080 - 5min - 339.8 MB - $10.99

Alright, so some of you have asked for this... I'm going to tell you what I do like/want in a more ""brutally"" honest way. And if you don't like what I had to say, then you are going to have to deal with it! Warning! This video is an indirect, mild humiliation type of video. Runtime 5:23

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Trying Out My New Panty Vibe!
1280x720 - 22min - 613.9 MB - $39.99

I decided to try out a new toy and since it had a remote, I figured I'd give you control again, at least to start... After enjoying my panty vibe for awhile, as you keep changing the setting and intensity (which you can hear), I just had to take back control and use my magic wand to finish myself off. Runtime 22:11

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More Of My Panties...
1920x1080 - 16min - 1168 MB - $31.99

Watch as I try on some more of my brand new pairs of panties, while showing my tits some love every so often. At the end, I even play with my pussy for a moment before blowing you a kiss. Be sure to let me know what you think about my panties! Cut scenes are even included at the end for you. Runtime 16:25

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In The Saddle
1920x1080 - 7min - 236.7 MB - $12.99

I'm ready to get in the saddle... in this case it's actually on my saddle. Watch as I straddle my saddle and then hand you the controls! How intense are you going to set the vibrations? Will I be able to handle it and if so, for how long? Let me tell you, this toy is extreme, there were towels under the stand and you could still feel the vibrations running through the floor all the way to the other side of the house (Sassy Slutt could even feel them through the recliner she was sitting in in the living room, lol). The video camera even vibrated to the point the video shakes on occasion throughout so you get to see a sample of what I was feeling. I even included the cutting room floor material at the end for your enjoyment/amusement. Runtime 7:50

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What Did Sassy Slutt Have For Desert_... A Creampi
1920x1080 - 1min - 92.3 MB - $3.99

I had just received a nice creampie from East Coast Stallion when Sassy Slutt walked in. Did she ever tell you how much she likes the taste of cum? Well, she jumped at the chance to clean me up, enjoying the taste of cum mixed with my pussy juice! Runtime 1:50

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A Sample From My Toy Box
1920x1080 - 12min - 943.5 MB - $24.99

Come on in and let me show you a small sample of things that my toy box contains. Talking about using my toys gets me worked up and I just have to play with my pussy a little before I go. Runtime 12:28

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More Of My Peach Colored Panties...
1920x1080 - 2min - 74 MB - $2.99

I was just stripping down for the day and I just had to rub my hands over my silky panties and ass, they feel so good! **Lighting is mediocre, which is reflected in pricing. Runtime 2:13

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Tickle Time
1920x1080 - 3min - 92.3 MB - $6.99

I just had not quite had enough to push me over the top, so East Coast Stallion decided to use my magic wand and magic bullet on me. Oh, boy did that do the trick! It did not take long for my pussy to tickle! (In the two previous videos, East Coast Stallion had filled my pussy full with Big Red and gave me a creampie and then Sassy Slutt had cleaned my pussy up her way.) Runtime 3:30

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Big Red & A Creampie
1920x1080 - 14min - 618.2 MB - $28.00

I was so in the mood to have my pussy filled, so I grabbed one of my larger toys and enlisted East Coast Stallion's help... Watch as he stuffs my toy in my pussy before playing with me some himself. He fills my pussy full with his hand even, before I request his cock... Boy, he did not disappoint, giving me that creampie that I was craving! Runtime 14:08.

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