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Attention of Two
1280x720 - 8min - 130.0 MB - $10.00

What started out as an innocent pussy eating video, turns naughty. Marissa eats my pussy until I cum and then she sits on my face while I have to keep pounding my dripping pussy myself. After I make her cute ass shiver and shake, Tom decides he wants to give my pussy some attention too and sticks his big cock right in my mouth. I am left with little else to do but suck and keep cumming.

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Goofy Dance
960x540 - 18min - 121.9 MB - $18.00

A bit too perky and start strip dancing and showing off my body that you love! ;-) Goofing around and just having fun. Then get a bit more serious and end up trying 3 different dildos until I get to the big life size 10 inch cock that I cram in my pussy and finish with a squirt and huge orgasm. Big is definitely better at times.

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Talk and Cum
960x540 - 19min - 223.4 MB - $19.00

This was a special request for one of my great members. Stripping out of my thigh high boots down to bare skin and only boots and being made to be a foul mouthed bitch while showing off all my places. All made personally for you if you are a dirty old man! Watch me get finger lickin good!

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First Pregnant Pussy Eating
960x540 - 8min - 171.7 MB - $8.00

My first video since finding out I am pregnant. POV slow strip and then pussy eating until I make Marissa (the girl that helps me take my pictures) cum. A couple smacks on my ass before I eagerly eat her to a finger lickin good finish. Sure is great she takes favors for helping me out with my pictures!

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Finger Pounding
960x540 - 14min - 234.9 MB - $14.00

Watch Marissa pump my pussy with her fingers until I dribble, stream and squirt. Definitely a towel is necessary for this kind of adventure. Then I return the favor and give her a good pussy eating until she comes like she has earned for working so hard.

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Doctor Gives a Spanking
960x540 - 13min - 203.8 MB - $13.00

The Dr gives a very hard spanking that almost brings me to tears but I realize I must be on time to appointments. He puts on the rubber gloves and gives me a full examination, checking my pussy and ass to make sure they have enough room. After I am all checked out I finish with a blow job and am rewarded with cum all over my face and hair. I think the Dr forgives me for not being on time.

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Magic Wand Squirting
960x540 - 12min - 155.6 MB - $12.00

Wearing a pair of clear plastic panties, I start on myself with the Magic Wand which makes me squirt uncontrollably. Get an upclose and normal view of the action of me leaving a big mess in the panties and on the floor - having to finish myself with a penetrating toy. It doesn't take much to make me horny but this was quick and intense. Almost 13 minutes of very messy fun.

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Big Dildo Ride
960x540 - 13min - 115.7 MB - $13.00

On a dare a member sent me a giant dildo and bet me I couldnt give it a good ride. Well guess what - took some work to get it in but this girl was able to get her pussy down over the Big Cock. Thanks for the reward ;-)

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Taking Shower
960x540 - 16min - 163.2 MB - $16.00

Starting with a slow stripping off of my clothes I just into the shower getting all lathered up and clean. I shave my pussy and my legs. Make sure I clean every part of my body. I finish using a toy for your viewing pleasure and my happy pleasure. Have you noticed I LUV to cum all I can?

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Double Penetration
960x540 - 23min - 176.6 MB - $23.00

Watch me masturbate with 2 life sized cock dildo vibrators until I give myself a huge orgasm having them both in my pussy at the same time. And yes you can easily tell its a real orgasm by the juice that flows down me. After you watch this one see if you can email me and guess what my biggest real life fantasy is??

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My First Selfie Video
960x540 - 25min - 389.5 MB - $25.00

This was the first time I tried doing a video. I got a few toys in the mail and was asked to try them out. Not had a lot of experience with toys so was LOTS of fun doing that. I was super nervous to start off talking to the the camera but once I got horny you can see I got real relaxed. I end up getting myself off several times and even squirted a bit...oops.

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Recalling First Three Some
960x540 - 17min - 210.0 MB - $17.00

Recalling the first time I had a threesome with another couple. I get myself off a couple of times and if you look VERY closely at the end you can see my cum leaking down the front of the - oops.

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