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Our Body Comparison
1280x720 - 13min - 646.3 MB - $6.50

Our Body Comparison - Rose Ryder SC4 and I just finished eating a very large meal of tasty Italian food and instead of going for a walk, like we should, we break out the tape measure and the scales to do a sexy body and weight comparison. Let me tell you, we have way too much fun for this adventure. We put on some of the tightest dresses we can find exposing our swollen stomachs from the meal we ate. And it really gets good when the laughing, belching, and farting starts. Watch as Rose takes the tape first to see how thick my thighs and ass are. Then its my turn to measure Rose to see if she is thick in all the right places. We both finish up on the scales revealing how much weight we have gained from the meal we consumed only an hour or so earlier. Runtime 13 Minutes and 59 Seconds.

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Pump Pump This Pussy UP!
1280x720 - 8min - 552.4 MB - $4.99

Pump Pump This Pussy UP! - I have something in store for you tonight.  I borrowed a Pussy Pump from a friend and I am going to PUMP PUMP PUMP this PUSSY UP!  This is my first time but I have heard the stories of how tingly the pump makes your pussy so I want to try it for myself.  It takes me no time and I got the pump on my cunt, one squeeze and I can feel the suction, second squeeze and I can feel my pussy swell, third squeeze and you can see my pussy expand until it almost fills the chamber, the fourth pump and my pussy lips expand to fill the entire chamber and I can feel the juices inside me...oh what a fucking great feeling!  The only thing I am missing right now is your big cock to pump my swollen hole.  Runtime 8 Minutes and 59 Seconds.

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Worship Our Cum Fuck Me Heels
640x480 - 8min - 248.0 MB - $4.99

Worship Our Cum Fuck Me Heels - If it's high heeled vixens you crave, then you've come to the right place. Is there anything better than watching a beautiful young lady wearing high heels? What about watching two beautiful young ladies wearing yellow and orange high heels? These heels are something else and if you feel the same, then you are really going to love this high heels video. In this amazing video you will see the sexy Adena Paige SC4 and her new friend, and sister charm, Rose Ryder SC4, scantily dressed and wearing some cum fuck me high heels that will definitely put some lead in your pencil. It's just what the foot lover in you is looking for! Runtime 9 Minutes and 13 Seconds.

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