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Water Lilli Goes Skinnydipping!
640x480 - 7min - 49.9 MB - $4.99

duunn-duunn-duunn-duunn, duunn-duunn-duunn-duunn, DUUNN-DUUNN-DUUNN-DUUNN!!! OH NO! IT'S THE ATTACK OF THE HAIRY PUSSY!!!!!!!!!!! You get an Extra 51 Seconds FREE with NO SHARKS ATTACHED!, unless You're on a FEEDING FRENZY!! Love, Lilli!

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Lilli Models Panties
640x480 - 10min - 88.5 MB - $5.00

Hi Sweetie Pie! Cum with me into my bedroom while I go through my Pantie drawer! I have so many sexy Panties to show you- Silky Panties, Cotton Panties, Satin Panties, Lacy Panties, Thongs and G-Strings! Let's have a White Russian and some smokes, and I will model them all for you- TOPLESS! You must tell me which Panties are you're Favorite Panties!! DO TELL!!!

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Lilli Blows And Pops Balloons
640x480 - 13min - 114.0 MB - $6.50

CUM join the FUN as I BLOW up lots of BALLOONS! With a SMOKE and a couple of shots (which is a MUST while BLOWING UP BALLOONS), some of my pretty BALLOONS will soon meet their fate, as I squeeze them with my INNER THIGHS, RIDE and HUNCH them, and then POP them with my TIGHT and HARD MILF ASS!! And, of course, some HIGH-HEEL BALLOON POPPIN' to finish off!

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Lilli Shaves For You
640x480 - 16min - 141.4 MB - $8.00

I've been requested to do a shaving video, so here is my first!  I'm shaving my armpits and legs while wearing wet cotton panties and a cut off men's tank top undershirt so you can see my hard nipples and dark bush.  Then it's time to trim my HAIRY PUSSY!  I LOVE my THICK BUSH, but it's out of control!  Watch as I take a little shaving cream and a razor to my inner thighs, and shape my lovely fur.  The remaining hair is so long, I have to take a comb and scissors to complete my PUSSY makeover, showing more of my hidden treasures!  Lots of wet panties and shirt shots, foot close-ups, and pube combing, JUST FOR YOU!

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Lilli's 1st Masturbation Vid
640x480 - 6min - 55.5 MB - $4.99

I'm all alone, I've had a little (?) bit to drink and now I'm feeling REALLY HORNY, what's a girl to do? Let's see what I can find to use to pleasure myself with! My pussy is so WET and HUNGRY right now, I better find something quick! Oh look what I found! You gotta cum watch and listen as I work my new found toy up, in and out, over and over til I finally explode in orgasmic joy! (You will too!)

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