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Toy On Yhe Terrace
720x576 - 5min - 57.7 MB - $4.99

this video was taken as a part of a photo shoot a while ago. we had a guest photographer/videoman who had impressed us with the style of video that he claimed that he could produce. so there we are on the terrace and we start to take the usual free section pictures, as i get down to the underwear our man turns on the video recorder and gives me the thumbs up, after a minute or so i look across wondering why the camera is running but still on the tripod, only to see that mr im great with a camera is stood having a wank and not doing what he is there for. so this is now just over 5 minutes of foxy lady on the terrace masturbating with fingers and toys. good quality video but the only sound is the camera clicking in the cameramans hands. thankfully he was doing his job. this is certainly a nice video for you to have, some nice expressions on my face as i cum, im sure that it is one you will be happy to have in your collection, one that you will view time after time.

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Work Done, Time For Fun.
720x576 - 11min - 170.4 MB - $5.50

in this 11 minute video release, foxy lady has just finished giving her last massage of the day. as you clearly hear me say "dealing with all of those hot bodies has made me as horny as hell". so what is a girl to do?, as the white coat comes off the toy comes out and it is time for me to have some fun of my own.11 minutes of high quality full sound video, hear every moan and groan as i bring myself off after this hard day at work.

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I Lost My Video Virginity
720x576 - 10min - 196.5 MB - $5.00

Hi folks, this is foxylady's very first video. as you will see once i get over my initial shyness my purple playmate and i get down to some real fun. see close ups of my pussy filled with purple passion and assaulted by my fingers, oh what fun, cum join me and enjoy the fun as i lose my video virginity.  

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