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Bath Time
1280x720 - 6min - 300.8 MB - $6.00

Getting myself nice and clean and showing off my privates up close in a blatant attempt to have you buy this video ;-)

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Makeup and Masturbating
960x540 - 11min - 174.0 MB - $11.00

Getting ready for a night out on the town, getting myself ready and putting on makeup - to pick up a nice guy and end up tired and home with only my toy to keep me company. But I think sometimes I have my biggest orgasms just handling things on my own! ;-)

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Masturbating watching porn
960x540 - 16min - 213.2 MB - $16.00

Watching porn on the ipad and trying to keep sync without cumming too soon....I barely make it to the end before another HUGE orgasm. I try out 2 toys before using my mini vibrator. I think you will like. Still nervous videoing but I think you will see I got comfortable very fast!

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First Masturbation Video
960x540 - 11min - 234.4 MB - $11.00

My friend Marissa helps me make my first naughty video. I try to have a little fun with a vibrator and a cucumber - but as you will see I get too horny too fast and just have to cum. Watch why anyone that lives in the apartment below cant mind the floor shaking or they would go crazy from the knocking! Nothing fake here, I can't cum enough.

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