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Boots And Abuse
640x480 - 9min - 48.8 MB - $4.99

Do you like thigh-high boots? Do you like pantyhose? Do you like a good tongue-lashing by a gorgeous vixen? Then this is the video for you! Watch Gia as she verbally abuses her lover and gets so excited she has to masturbate until she cums!!! Gia talks VERY dirty to you and gives you a surprise ending you won't want to miss!

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Gia Pies Herself!!!
640x480 - 10min - 67.2 MB - $5.00

Gia is having some good, messy fun...with a LOT of shaving cream pies! She slaps pie after pie onto her face and then rubs the shaving cream into her hair for full-head coverage. The "Gia Sandwich Scene" at the end is NOT to be missed! A full minute is yours...for FREE! 

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Gia Shaves
640x480 - 6min - 28.1 MB - $4.99

Gia shaves her long, sexy legs just for you! She drops her towel and talks to you throughout the video. She is totally nude and spreads her legs for you while she is shaving.  She also has to put on her "cat glasses" so she doesn't accidentally cut herself! Enjoy the silky-smooth results of her efforts.

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Gia Blows...Some Bubbles!!!
320x240 - 14min - 38.8 MB - $7.00

Gia LOVES to chew bubblegum! Watch her smack, crack, and pop wearing her sexy tight jeans, tank top, and leather boots.  GREAT audio of her bubblegum-chewing antics...and HOT poses with an attitude! No music added...just PURE GIA! 

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Gia Sneaks A Smoke
320x240 - 11min - 33.4 MB - $5.50

Gia LOVES to take risks! She sneaks out the side door for a forbidden smoke, but that's not all! She knows the neighbors might be able to see her, so she takes off her shorts and continues to smoke her cigar. Gia also shows you plenty of revealing peeks of her perky breasts while she is smoking. Gia goes bottomless for almost the whole video, touches herself, flashes for you, and chats with you while she has a VERY satisfying smoke! 

Buy Now $3.69 -


Gia Gets A Ride
320x240 - 16min - 41.7 MB - $8.00

Gia needed a ride home from a party and Rod Steele was more than happy to oblige.  But how did Gia repay Rod for the favor?  See how in over 16 minutes of hardcore action while Gia sucks, fucks, and gives Rod the ride of his life! 

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The Photo Shoot
320x240 - 13min - 40.1 MB - $6.50

Gia gives her photographer a "hard" time during this photo session.  She distracts him from his job and soon his huge cock is sliding in and out of her creamy pussy.  This film has GREAT camera angles and extreme close-ups!  You will see a massive load of cum ooze out of Gia's tight pink hole as she squeezes it out...just for you.    

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Gia Squirts!!!
320x240 - 5min - 19.2 MB - $4.99

Gia uses one of her favorite toys to bring herself to an amazing and very vocal orgasm. When she climaxes, she squirts an incredible spray right at the camera!  No music...just Gia moaning and telling you how good she feels as she pleasures herself.

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