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My Pussy Pump
640x480 - 16min - 156.7 MB - $32.00

I have always wanted one of these, Doug, a very special member of mine gave me one as a gift. It took me a while to figure it out, but I promise you it was worth the wait. So I invite you along to share the experience and the pleasure with ....."JUST ME!" XXX

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640x480 - 14min - 134.6 MB - $28.00

Are you ready for another go round with Just Me? You are invited into my bedroom, so lets get started. The best thing about this video is my ass and pussy are "always" in your face. Now that you and I are comfortable with each other, I hold nothing back. You thought that I was loud before, you have no idea! So "cum" on in, and close the door behind you. Cause, all hell is about to break loose for you and .........."JUST ME!

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My First Video.....Of "JUST ME!
640x480 - 14min - 136.6 MB - $28.00

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF JUST ME AND MY VIDEO DEBUT! For all of you that have patiently waited for this video, here it is, just for you. You've all seen me and my toys in my updates, now, you can experience the thrill of being with me as I have one of my earth shattering orgasms. Let me just warn you, I do get a little verbal, but I promise, your going to love it!!! So, sit back, relax, and let me do all the work. It's about time, for "JUST ME!" XXX

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