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Return Of The Big Dick Bandits
640x480 - 15min - 246.6 MB - $15.00

Return of the Big Dick Bandits - Hello fans, did I tell about my friend, Aliyah Blue, and her Spring Break adventure with the BIG DICK BANDITS (BDB)? Those two hot 20 year old black STUDS who fucked the living daylight out of her...stretching her holes and covering her with layers of cum? Well, I have something to share with you...they're back! And this time I was invited by my good friend and Southern Charm, Aaliyah Blue SC4, to test drive those BIG COCKS. We were at her apartment, trying on some new outfits, when she sprung the news that the BDB would be cumming over to meat me. Aaliyah could see the sparkle in my eyes when I found out we would share some BBC. Shortly after, there was a knock, knock, at the door. These young men were barely inside when we started undressing them. So young, so firm, and so HUNG! I have to be honest; they have the biggest cocks we have ever gagged on! Listen to me scream with delight as my mature pussy is stretched to the limit...this was an unbelievable day, one Aaliyah and I will never forget...and hey, we got it all on video and it contains some of the hottest action you will ever see. Watch Aaliyah Blue SC4 and I ride two of the BIGGEST COCKS attached to a pair of the sexiest young studs. I get soaking wet just thinking about it. This is a real amateur video: BBC, Ass Spanking, MILFs, Cougars, Oral, young studs, and creamy loads. Stunning video quality with excellent audio. Runtime: 15 Minutes 59 Seconds.

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Dark Delight
640x480 - 10min - 168.6 MB - $10.00

Dark Delight - Tonight I treat myself to a young, sexy, and very well endowed DARK Delight. I can not believe how his mere presence seduces my soul. See the fire in my eyes as I succumb to passion. I cannot resist the draw of his youthful virility. If you have made it here because my photo update left you wanting more, the erotic nature of this video will satisfy all your desires. Cum watch me and my DARK Delight. This is a real amateur interracial video containing: Seduction, spanking, oral, deep penetration, screams of passion, stunning video and excellent audio quality. Runtime: 10 Minutes 59 Seconds

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Easter Bunny - Part II
640X480 - 6min - 66.3 MB - $6.00

The Easter bunny leaves Cowboy4u alone with his Easter present - me! I take chocolate syrup and put it all over CB4U's rod and slurp it all up really good. Now for those of you who like bloopers - Fetish Fantasy (the Easter bunny) came hopping back into the room, and we all got the giggles. A wisecrack remark pretty much put a hold on the action as we laughed. If you don't mind seeing what REALLY goes on when videos are shot, this is for you. Finally, we get rid of the giggles and get back to business. As I get more involved with my chocolate treat, FF gets treated to CB4U's fingers as he proves he can multitask even while getting a bj.

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Easter Bunny Part 1
720x480 - 6min - 92.2 MB - $6.00

Fetishfantasy (SC2) is the Easter Bunny. Cowboy4u (SG) goes off to Dreamland asking the Easter Bunny to give him something sexy for Easter. She does so, in the form of Sammie who is decked out in spring flowers and Easter eggs. Things take a more sensual turn, as Sammie starts to show Cowboy4u what chocolate Easter bunnies can be used for. Things get a bit messy as the chocolate spreads to Cowboy4u's male parts. Stay tuned for parts 2 through 5, coming in the next few weeks.

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Bad Kitty
320x240 - 13min - 15.1 MB - $13.00

How does a masochist masturbate? She brings herself to the brink repeatedly, spanks herself for coming so close, and repeats again and again. When she finally lets herself go, she continues to torment the delicate sensitive flesh afterwards with little mercy by continued stimulation. Ahhhhh, what FUN!

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Yes Ma'am
640X480 - 6min - 70.1 MB - $6.00

Fetish Fantasy (SC2) decided she wanted my sweet lips on her sweet lips.  I was able to taste her sweet juices and pleasure her to completion, all at her direction.  And as a domme, she made sure to give me explicit direction. 

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Welcome To My World
640X480 - 8min - 93.6 MB - $8.00

Cowboy4u knew I was taking a nap but that didn't stop him from trying to get me to wake up.  The sexy man actually made me give up my sleep!  But it all ended UP good in the end, as he jackhammers into my hotbox and finished off on my tummy.  Mmm, mmm good. Ok, so some things ARE worth losing sleep!

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Tickle Torture
640X480 - 4min - 52.8 MB - $4.99

There is something about a dominant woman that makes me want to please her and push my limits. Leather came to visit me and quickly honed in on my hard limit. But that didn't stop her, and I leaned that sometimes, torture can be pleasure.

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