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Piercings, chains, and a wand

I am attaching some chains to my piercings for pulling my pussy wide open. Then I start masturbating with my wand. Doggy first, with my big butt up in the air. Then I turn over and laying on my back I continue enjoying the wand until I am entirely satisfied

13min - 925.3 meg - 1920x1080

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I am dancing Zumba in a tiny pink string swimsuit offering nice views on my booty. After 4 min I turn the swimsuit back to front and my tits swing free. Naturally my big rings don't stay in the panty for long but drop out too. After 4 more min I decided that it is getting too hot and consequently got rid of all clothing. Stark naked I continue dancing for another 5 min. Unfortunately, due to copyright issues, we had to cut the music off. But I think there is enough of the fun left.

13min - 590.6 meg - 1920x1080

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